October 31, 2009

And I love you to hubby baby!!!!!!!

October 16, 2009

When I think about you...

When I think about you....I think about ONLY YOU.....

September 17, 2009


What's next huh ??

September 16, 2009

Hmmmmm......Seriously, you move my GROOVE!!

YOU took my Breath away....

Me say YOU took my breath away....
what say YOU??

September 3, 2009

that cheecky grin...... melts me.

July 3, 2009

U're back !!!

Im glad...

You're finally back..

With a smile. ..and with style!

My Quote of the day!

All misfortune is but a stepping stone to FORTUNE!

May 21, 2009

Why the silence?

I just want to know...
Why the silence?

There is only 1 Adam Lambert!

You are my Idol cos...

your voice shocked me!

your style rocked me!

your soul touched me!

your uniqueness moved me!

you are YOU, Adam Lambert!

May 7, 2009


I just miss.....

The voice....

The Smile....

The Laughter....

The Grin....

Just miss.

May 3, 2009

Man Utd ~ my lads are on a roll now, baby!

After all the critics thay had to take in, their faith remained strong...stronger than ever!

Who said their good days are over?

Who said they had lost their momento?

Who said they can will not be Champions again?

All I can say is, if there is a team in this world that works hard for where they are right now, its.................................. MANCHESTER UNITED!

Congrats to Giggs for his recent achievement!

Hooray to Ronaldo for being the top scorer for BPL ( as of today)

Cheers to the lads for being in the semis for CL.

Kudos to the team for keeping the faith and never say die attitute!

~ Live Breathe Man Utd~

April 2, 2009

Victorian inspired mirror.

My new buy.....for my new workstation...to totally inspire me!

Shopaholic inspired.....but not to that extend!

After watching 'Confessions of a Shopaholic', my hands are itching....hehe

So did some 'mini'shopping....

new blazer and top from G2OOO, cotton beadsheets from Aussino and skincare from

The Faceshop..

totally destress !!

March 31, 2009

Overcoming Challenges....what I do everyday.

Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

March 29, 2009

Britney ..

Flippin thru the pages of the latest 'Glamour' mag...
Just coud not help but to adore this particuloar pic..
Latest scent..

March 27, 2009

Live your dreams

Keep your dreams alive.
Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication.
Remember all things are possible for those who believe....
I dreamt and I believed.
I achieved.
I am grateful.
I look at myself in the mirror and I see me...a new me...a happy me...
Love yourself.

March 26, 2009

Food & Co.

Awesome night of good food and company....

Where Team Sapphire destress and unwind...
with fuels for our tummies...hehe!
@Simpang Bedok
Next destination.....to be confirmed.

March 23, 2009

I heart thee!


Faith Is All We Need

March 16, 2009

MANCHESTER UNITED ~ Always be mine!

Always Be Mine , Rain or Shine!

March 15, 2009

Beaten but not Defeated

As I'm writing this, there are some people still gloating over the win and some sadden by the lost.
Gloating cos their team managed to beat the defending champions, saddened cos their team was beaten by an arch rival.
So, my feelings ? As a Red Devilian ?
Saddened ? Yes
Dissapointed ? Yes
Beaten ? Yes
Defeated? NO!

Why not ??
Cos its not the end of the long winded journey. We win some,we lose some. We learn from it.
We fall and we get up. If we don't fall, we wont know how bad is the bruise.
It does not matter the number of times we fall but the number of times we rise when we fall.

Consistency is the name of the game.
To be consistent or to be complacent?
Whatever the people decide, the answer is obvious.
I know for sure consistency is the root of all achievements.

To accept defeat before the journey ends is like suicide of its own kind.
So, never accept defeat till it is declared as one.

Admit any loss with dignity.
Accept defeat with grace.
But when the season ends, and the obvious winner prevail,

March 14, 2009

My Quote of the Day

The more you love, the more you lose a part of you.
Yet you dont become less of you are, instead you end up being complete... "

Awesome Friday the 13th

Awesome !
The much anticipated dinner gathering with my ex-east viewan gals finally came... We ate, laughed, gossiped and cam whoring the whole night! Honestly, I was not really close to them at all in school. But we surprisingly found each other in Facebook. * oh, I love Facebook * and all of us are unseparable online buddies now.. :P

Definitely a memorable Friday the 13th!

March 13, 2009

Man Utd ~ Why I lurve thee..

One of the best decision I made in my life is to support Manchester United.
aka The Red Devils.
Not an inch of regret, not ever.
Actually I started as a Spurs fan....and my favourite soccer player then was Gary Lineker.
Then, there was one evening where I was watching a game btw Man Utd and Blackburn.
Someone really caught my eye! He was super fast and danm skillful...I admit I immediately fell in 'love' with him.....so I asked my dad ( Man Utd fan himself) who is this player? And who would wonder what he is about to say will define my future....He said " ERIC CANTONA.".
The rest is history.....
So my love for Man Utd and Eric the King lives forever, even till now...
Then of course comes along Bekham,Giggs,Lee Sharpe,Ronaldo..........list goes on...
Ever since, my life revolves around Man Utd.....till now and forever.
One of the greatest achievement in my life was when I went to Old Trafford..in 1998.
It was most memorable and unforgettable.
No regrets....
So till today, my hearts belongs only to Man Utd....whether they are champions or not, my hearts till beats for them.
I will sleep tonight with Man Utd in my heart, mind and dreams........
Live and Breath Man Utd!

March 12, 2009

My Quote of the day....

~ If you cannot find happiness along the road, You will not find it at the end of the road.~

When I am at my lowest...

ok....i dont know why..... im just so tired but my fingers still want to do some talking. my brain, heart and limbs are in a stand still mode. im lost for words to describe my state of emotion..... today was definitely one of the days that i really felt low, helpless, motionless and brain dead! i guess from all the *teet* and *teet* that i had to go thru at *teet*..... but im a fighter! i never say die easily! no one can bring me down! i may be hurting inside or physically in dire straits, I always pull through it all..... I am so thankful to all the sweet gals in my team for their love and concern... to my online buddy for listening to me when I needed a shoulder to cry on... my good 'off and online' friend for his support and concern....
you guys bring me up when I am down....... **muacks**

if you happen to read this blog, you know who you are.....

March 11, 2009

work,work,work.......and tired!

Oh my goodness !
What a super duper tiring day @ work today!
I just got home after my shift ends at 12am....and I am super exhausted.....sigh.............
Working shifts has its perks but at times tiring and draining.
Since i have been doing this for 8 years, im so immune to it...*yes, that long!*
But it still gets to me sometimes........*what to do right??*
I am not complaining about it but just a thought.

I have come to a point where I know a job is still a job...
and there is no such thing as a 'perfect job'....every job has its pros and cons like office politics,backstabbing,gossiping...and the list goes on.......
I ever came to a point where I dragged to work everyday and I learnt that it is so not healthy.
I did some soul searching and realised that I need to change my mindset and to be positive and grateful....especially to still have a job amidst this economic turmoil.

I went through so many ups and downs at work....but it made me wiser and stronger to face any obstacles @ work...thankfully I have the best support system through my colleagues and manager. Therefore I have decided to take one day at a time and go through the challenges as it comes...i realise I am doing better and in fact happier!
I pray everyday ...for daily tolerance,patience and endurance at work.
Most importantly, to be happy with what I do and feel a great sense of satisfaction!

blessed and grateful me!

March 10, 2009

dinner on the go...

I managed to make some vegetable soup with mee hoon....to pack for dinner later @ work..

Simple and so filling...

That is why I love afternoon shifts....I can cook and have yummy dinner in the office..

I am really sick of the food near my office..

Home cooked food is always the best!

Superlicious Eurasian Curry Meatballs!!

I love it when I work on afternoon shifts cos I can do my cooking!
Today I made Eurasian Curry Meatballs...my super fav!
Its an original Eurasian recipe that can be eaten with rice or bread...
And as usual, I will eat it with bread....another yummy way is to eat with toasted baguette! **** yummy to the max!*
My whole family loved this recipe...easy to cook and so very delicious!
As u can see, I love cooking.
I used to dream of becoming a chef but I ended up working in the financial industry instead! What a wide vast!
I am not complaining cos working in a bank has its perks as well.......
I am thankful with what I have....a job...and a paycheck to bring home every month..
I will post more on the food I cook....so if you love cooking, stay tuned for more!

First day on blogspot...

Today marked the day I moved from Multiply to Blogspot...
Guess I just needed a change...
Change is always good....for the heart and soul as they say...

Hmmmmm. since today is the first day..im still learning the ropes...
go thru settings...blah blah blah....normal boring stuff...
nonetheless its something new..
so its exciting and im looking forward to it....

Btw, I am gonna make this blog all about me,me and me!
and my loved ones..
my feelings, my thoughts.....be it good or bad....
just expressing myself...

ok, im going back to Facebook.....